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Department Head - Casey Lowrie - Casey has been in the IT field since 2000. She graduated from Livingston High School and soon after joined the U.S. Navy where she stayed for four years.  Soon after getting out of the military she went to work for Texas Department of Criminal Justice where she started out on a computer helpdesk where she stayed and advanced her way up to Department Supervisor.  So, after almost 14 years at TDCJ, she took a job at Polk County where she has now been since 2014.  


Computer Specialist - Mike Ainsworth - Mike has been in the IT field for 9 years.  After graduating high school in Coldspring he went to Jacksonville Bible College for Computer Science. After College he worked at Aldine ISD as their IT Clerk and Helpdesk. Then he moved to Livingston in 2010 and has been a Computer Specialist for Polk County. 

Computer Specialist - Kyle Durr  - 

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